The UX of VR

A curated list of resources to help you on your journey into the User Experience of Virtual Reality

The User Experience of Virtual Reality

Many thanks to all of the authors of the talks, articles, and guides referenced in the list. Without these people doing the hard thinking, Virtual Reality wouldn't be where it is today.

Curated & built with love by Max Glenister (@omgmog on Twitter)


VR Interface Design Pre-Visualisation Methods

Mike Alger

VR Interface Design Manifesto

Mike Alger

UI/UX design for WebVR

Josh Carpenter

Designing for Virtual Reality

Manuel Clément, Google I/O 2015

UX in VR: Designing For Virtual Reality

Laura Cortes & Cyriele Piancastelli

Designing UI for VR

Dan Gilmore

Designing for Virtual Reality

Rebecca Torbochkin

Interaction Design in VR: Valve's Lessons

Yasser Malaika

The Holodeck is here - Designing for Room-Scale VR

Alex Schwartz & Devin Reimer

Technical and Design Tips for VR/AR

Jay Santos & Pete Moss

The Dawn of Mobile VR

John Carmack

Navigating New Worlds: Designing UI and UX in VR

Kristoffer Brady & Richard Emms

Virtual Reality is a Medium: Creating Art with Oculus Touch

Lydia Choy & Brian Sharp

Designing Standing VR Experiences with Tracked Controllers

Alex Schwartz & Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs)

Designing for VR: Environments and Interactions

Liv Erickson, Just A/VR (MSDN)

Designing for VR: Input, Planning, and Testing

Liv Erickson, Just A/VR (MSDN)

Future VR Input & UX Solutions

Stephen Tanguay

Building Better Worlds - Virtual Wearable Interfaces + More

David Holz (Leap Motion)

Building 3-Dimensional UI for VR

Riho Kroll

The Role of Space in VR

Alex Chu

VR Microtalks: Intersections of Design & Technology

VRDC 2016

Daydream Labs: Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping

Google I/O 2016

VR Design Process

Google I/O 2016

Going VR: The Future of UI Technology

Jerome Lacote

Designing for Daydream

Google I/O 2016

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out: The Virtual is Real.

Howard Goldkrand

Let's Go Cyberspace - Virtual Reality UX

Timoni West

The current state of UX and VR

Thomas Gläser (CoSpaces)

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Hardware Requirements Explained

Logical Increments

UX/UI Design for VR and Mixed Reality

John Howard (LOOOK Inc)

10 UX Challenges to Consider in VR

Adrienne Hunter & Eva Hoerth

New Frontiers of Immersive UX Design

Dr Harry Brenton

Flying through (virtual) reality

Patrik Künzler

Hand-Tracked Controls: Design and Implementation for Serious VR

Matt Newport (OssoVR)

Integrating 2D UI with VR Environments

Bradley Davis

VR Design Lessons from Multiplatform First Person Gaming

Rafael Brown

Wandering the Frontiers of Virtual Reality UX

Edward Moore (AMPED-UX)

Accessibility and VR

Brian Van Buren, Tomorrow Today Labs

Designing Screen Interfaces for VR

Google I/O '17


Designing for Google Cardboard


Designing for Virtual Reality

Casey Hopkins

The hierarchy of needs in virtual reality development

Beau Cronin

Speculations on neuro-motivated design for VR

Beau Cronin

Analyzing VR as a computing platform

Beau Cronin

From product design to Virtual Reality

Jean-Marc Denis

The Fundamentals of User Experience in Virtual Reality

Daniel Allen

8 Things Every Educational Game Developer Needs to Know

Alex Colgan, Leap Motion

6 Principals of Leap Motion Interaction Design

Alex Colgan, Leap Motion

The Oculus Rift and User Experience

Peter Hornsby

UX & Virtual Reality - Designing for interfaces without Screens

Prashanth Shanmugam

VRID: A Design Model and Methodology for Developing Virtual Reality Interfaces

Vilvan tanriverdi & Robert J.K. Jacob

Immersive Design - Learning to let go of the screen

Matt Sundstrom

Mobile VR Application Development: User Interface Guidelines


Oculus Best Practices for Creating Great VR Content


Designing Intuitative Applications

Leap Motion Blog

VR Best Practice Guidelines

Leap Motion

Immersive Modelling UX

Kristian P. Hansen

The UX of 360 Video

Matt Radbourne

5 Lessons I learned from designing the VR UI of Beloola

Vincent Munoz

Video game user interface design: Diegesis theory

Dave Russell

Designing VR Tools

Alex Colgan, Leap Motion

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality User Research: Q & A

Blink UX

Some thoughts about designing for VR

Carleton DiLeo

Will Virtual Reality Eat Your Brain (Or Save Humanity)?

Malia Probst

Comfortable VR Movement in Dead Secret

Robot Invader

Storytelling in Virtual Reality: A Starter's Guide

VR Dribble

UX pointers for VR design

Timoni West

Going after a new VR Navigation System

Thomas Balouet

Making Great VR: Six Lessons Learned From I Expect You To Die

Jesse Schell

Design for Virtual Reality

Framer JS Blog

The Swayze Effect

Matt Burdette

Recenter the HMD Before Starting Your Application

Kevin Burke

VR Interaction Design from the Ground Up

Alex Colgan, Leap Motion

The fifth wall. Things learned while working with the HTC Vive

Daryl Atkins

Unlocking VRs True Potential with UX

Jim Yang

How to turn a 6 slides keynote into a WebVR experience

Arturo Paracuellos

Ten Do's And Don'ts To Improve Comfort in VR

Daniel Allen

Interaction Considerations for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Liv Erickson

A Sense of Scale in VR

Alexander Kondratskiy

Get started with VR: user experience design

Adrienne Hunter

Buttons in Virtual Reality - A UI/UX Design Approach

Reality Shift

A UX Designers Guide to Combat VR Sickness

Reality Shift

You’re the center of the universe: A UX guide to designing virtual reality experiences

Samantha Anderson

The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience

Katy Newton, Karin Soukup

Cause & Effect— VR’s Essential Interaction

Azad Balabanian

The UX of VR: How to design user experiences for this new medium

Laura Cortes

The user is disabled: solving for physical limitations in VR

Adrienne Hunter

NewtonVR: Physics-based interaction on the Vive (Part 1)

Nick Abel

Limbo - dolly shots for cinematic VR

Daniel Sproll

The Fidelity Contract in VR

Kimberly Voll

Design Practices in Virtual Reality

Jonathan Ravasz

Social VR Solutions: How to design Social VR so it isn’t awful

Suzanne Leibrick

The Climb VR Menu

Riho Kroll

Virtual is Reality Again : Interface vs Interference Design 2014

Larry Rosenthal

UI / UX design patterns in virtual reality

Reality Shift

AR / VR Teleportation Concepts

Albert Hwang

Beyond Reality: First steps into the unknown

Sam Applebee

Hand Tracked Controls in VR - The Basics

Matt Newport

Hand Tracked Controls in VR - Throwing

Matt Newport

Design Insights for Virtual Reality UX


Goodbye Metaphors, Hello World— Interface Design in Virtual Reality

Austin McCasland

Motion, focus, control… Exploring the UX of Virtual Reality

Flavien Plouzennec

Virtual Reality Development Tips

Alistair Doulin

Exploring Methods for Conveying Object Weight in Virtual Reality

Ben Lang

Don’t teleport. Fly!: How to do it in VR without motion sickness

Andre Le

Your brain on virtual reality: The psychology of virtual reality

Lauren Kelly

Being a superhero in VR makes you a better person

Lauren Kelly

Reducing cognitive load in VR: 6 ways to improve your VR UX

Adrienne Hunter

Making Sense of Skyboxes in VR Design: How the physics of our real world translate to VR design practices.

Tessa Chung

A multiplayer approach to collaborative decision-making

Andre Le

Practical VR: A Design Cheat Sheet.

Ryan Betts

The Concept of Presence in Virtual Reality

Teo Choong Ching

How to Take Better 360 Photos

Robin Har

VR & Accessibility

Ian Hamilton

4 Things I learned Designing User Interfaces for VR at Disney.

James Hsu

Augmented Reality: A class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum

Paul Milgram, Haruo Takemura, Akira Utsumi and Fumio Kishino

Methods of Analyzing Your VR Experience

Ali Eslami

Designing VR for Mobile

Robin Har

Realism, expectations, and the fidelity contract in VR design

Adrienne Hunter

Design a pleasant user experience inside the VR

Sophie Riwaters

Тhe current state of the UX in VR (Part 1)

Billy Vacheva

Тhe current state of the UX in VR (Part 2)

Billy Vacheva

VR interfaces versus traditional interfaces

Tuukka Takala

Considerations for VR developers

Tuukka Takala


UX in VR: Designing For Virtual Reality

Laura Cortes & Cyriele Piancastelli

The rise of VR & AR era. Why this time is different?

Vasily Ryzhonkov

Running User Tests for VR Games

Steve Bromley

Lessons learned porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality

Joe Ludwig

Virtual Reality Human Interface Guidelines

Brett Red

Virtual RealityDesign Principles with Google Cardboard

Swapnil Borkar

Sustainable UX in VR

Dr. Pete Markiewicz

Designing the future of Augmented Reality

Carina Ngai

The Frontiers of Virtual & Augmented Reality User Experience

Edward Moore (AMPED-UX)

More Ways to Make Your Users Sick – A talk about WebVR and UX Design

Michaela Lehr (GeilDanke)


3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice

Doug A. Bowman, Ernst Kruijff, Ivan Poupyrev Joseph J. LaViola

Virtual Reality in Journalism

Raney Aronson-Rath, James Milward, Taylor Owen and Fergus Pitt

Oculus Rift in Action

Bradley Davis, Karen Bryla, Alex Benton

Computers as Theatre

Brenda Laurel

The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality

Jason Jerald

VR UX: Learn VR UX, Storytelling & Design

Casey Fictum


Steven M. LaValle


VR Design Lab - Unity project

Open source VR design examples by

Focal Point VR - Unity Demo Scenes

An Open-Source VR Interaction Framework for the HTC Vive and Unity by Albert Hwang

NewtonVR - Unity framework

A free, physics based, VR Interaction Framework for the HTC Vive and Unity by Tomorrow Today Labs

A-Frame - Building blocks for the virtual reality web

ThreeJS/WebGL/WebVR Framework. Use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iOS, Android, and the Oculus Rift.

WebVR Mockup boilerplate for VR Designers

Vincent Munoz/Beloola

Tools of the Trade: Applications for AR/VR Design

Aaron Faucher

SteamVR Unity Toolkit

A collection of useful scripts and prefabs for building SteamVR titles in Unity 5.

Game accessibility guidelines

A straightforward reference for inclusive game design

3 Steps Towards Designing for AR/VR

Google VR Concepts: Spatial Audio

VR Resources from Facebook

Hover UI Kit

A pre-built 'interface module' provided with Hover UI by Zach Kinstner

The VR Glossary

The ultimate resource for virtual reality terminology


Create, test & share VR design mockups

Microsoft: Fluent Design System

An eloquent design system for a complex world. Now’s the time for bold, scalable, universal design.

Daydream Elements

A collection of tech demos that showcase principles and best practices for developing high-quality VR experiences

VRTK - Virtual Reality Toolkit

VRTK is based on NewtonVR (which is listed), and is a very popular interaction toolkit for Unity.

UX Framework for VR Mobile (Spanish)

Salvador Valle (BEEVA Labs)